Floyd Camembert Reports (2)

DTM pages updated:

Billy Hart Quartet

Ethan Iverson

Upcoming (I'm sorry there are no masterclasses booked yet in 2014. One thing just keeps piling on top of another.)


The Billy Hart Quartet with Mark Turner, Ben Street and me hits the road soon. 

We start in Europe:

May 18 Bari Italy

May 19 Gent Belgium

May 21 Tourcoing France

May 23 Nice France

May 24 Brussels Belgium

May 28 Copenhagen Denmark

May 29 Bergen Norway

May 30 Paris France

May 31 Paris France


Then a week at the Village Vanguard in NYC, June 3-8.


To conclude, we will try taking this quartet on the road in America for the first time.

Jun 13 Chicago, IL Constellation

Jun 14 Chicago, IL Constellation 

Jun 15 Minneapolis, MN Dakota

Jun 16 Santa Cruz, CA Kuumbwa

Jun 18 Oakland, CA Yoshi's

Jun 19 Los Angeles, CA Blue Whale

Jun 20 Los Angeles, CA Blue Whale


Two things: BHQ has a day off on June 17 in the Bay Area between Kuumbwa and Yoshi's. No gig to be found; however we are looking for a masterclass to help pay for the hotel that night. Is anyone interested? I had good luck asking on DTM to fill a date with Tootie Heath a few months ago...Hit me on Twitter.

The last thing is frankly absurd: One-way car rental for the last week is clocking in at a surprising figure: $1300. Seems like too much; maybe it will go down in a couple weeks. But it occurs to me that if I was 19 again, I'd jump at the chance to drive the BHQ from Oakland to LA. So, if any LA or Bay area jazz student has time, a van, and wants to hang and see the band's shows...again, hit me on Twitter. (I'll pay for gas!)


Last night Marc-André Hamelin and Cathy Fuller came by the Jazz Standard. I put the photo on Twitter: Paul Wells's perfect response was, "Ladies and gentlemen, I play piano, but God is in the house."




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