Floyd Camembert Reports (1)

The subway stop by my studio has a questionable ad campaign:


Of course, the company is being at least a little ironic here. But in the wake of reading a bunch of bewilderingly prescient stories by Philip K. Dick, I really wonder what the future will hold. Will we be able to co-exist peacefully with our mechanical overlords?

DTM has gone dark a few times recently as Typepad has been subject to DDoS attacks, which I understand are becoming much more frequent.

In Fredric Brown's brilliant 1945  story "The Waveries" (a major influence on Philip K. Dick), an alien life form "eats" up all the planet's electricity. Everyone goes back to pre-Edison forms of existence, and actually everyone seems happier.

I predict that the internet will infected with a self-replicating virus someday. Maybe that won't be a bad thing! But the DDoS attacks remind me to print out a hard copy of my best posts and shove 'em under the bed, just in case we wake up one day only to find that storing it all in the cloud was the wrong bet.


The week at the Jazz Standard is going great. We loved the sardonic blurb "Sweater than ever" from Time Out New York:


However, we don't play the Stravinsky in clubs unless it's a special circumstance worked out in advance. The recent release of the Rite of Spring recording has created a certain amount of understandable confusion; we should have planned for that possibility a little better.

Speaking of Stravinsky, I just created a DTM page for TBP Rite. It's not my policy to have much TBP stuff on DTM but this feels right. History, photos, reviews. 

TBP on tour:

29 Denver, CO -- Dazzle
30 Denver, CO -- Dazzle

May 2014

01 Albuquerque, NM -- Outpost Performance Space
02 Albuquerque, NM -- Outpost Performance Space
03 Phoenix, AZ -- Musical Instrument Museum
04 San Diego, CA -- The Loft at UC San Diego
05 Los Angeles, CA -- The Mint
06 Los Angeles, CA -- The Mint
08 San Francisco, CA -- SFJazz Center
09 San Francisco, CA -- SFJazz Center
10 San Francisco, CA -- SFJazz Center
11 San Francisco, CA -- SFJazz Center

June 2014

21 Ottawa, ON -- Ottawa Jazz Festival *

July 2014

22 Sligo, IRE -- Hawk's Well Theatre
23 Manchester, UK -- Manchester Jazz Festival
25 Souillac, FRA -- Festival De Jazz De Souillac

August 2014

07 Rockport, MA -- Shalin Liu Performance Center **
08 Great Barrington, MA -- Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center**
09 East Hampton, NY -- Guild Hall **
29 Detroit, MI -- Detroit Jazz Festival **

* - The Bad Plus perform The Rite of Spring
** - The Bad Plus with Joshua Redman


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