Tootie Time

Tonight at the Falcon, we had some really nice special guests in the audience.


(Cameron Brown, me, Tootie Heath, Ben Street, Adam Nussbaum)

Cameron told me that his first time playing with Tootie was when Cameron was 19, with George Russell's sextet, documented on Sextet at Beethoven Hall. That reminded me that when I was 19 or 20, I played with Cameron backing the Kim Kalesti/Marion Cowings vocal duo. Winard Harper was the drummer. (I couldn't believe I had just moved to New York and was playing with people I had heard on records.)

What goes around comes around? I hardly ever work with a younger musician, but Ben Street is suddenly raptured away to Japan with Aaron Parks and Billy Hart. To complete the Tootie's Tempo run, Martin Nevin is stepping in. Martin has a big sound, great time, a genuine melodic sense, and loves all the right cats: Wilbur, Jimmy, Ron, Charlie, Street. Tootie and I are looking forward to playing with him.

Jan 29 Smalls (NYC)

30 Smalls (NYC)

31 Bohemian Caverns (DC)

Feb 1 Ars Nova (Philly)


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