In the Frame

UPDATE: Two further pieces from Grantland:

"What Grantland Got Wrong" by Christina Kahrl

"The Dr. V Story: A Letter From the Editor" by Bill Simmons


"Doctor V's Magical Putter" begins with Caleb Hannan watching YouTube videos because he can't sleep. It doesn't feel like reportage, it feels like a humorous bit about golf or a low-key thriller. Either way, it's a bit self-indulgent.

Eventually his long piece ends with the suicide of the subject. The disconnected last paragraph begins,"Writing a eulogy for a person who by all accounts despised you is an odd experience."

Whatever Hannan did here, it was not a eulogy. The death of Dr. V should have called for extensive self-reflection, not for submitting a finished article to Grantland.

I don't call Hannan a murderer. A suicide is a suicide. But Hannan is certainly too impressed with himself and his investigation.


"The Rise and Fall of Caleb Hannan's Grantland Story" by Ryan Glasspiegel

"Digging Too Deep" by Josh Levin


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