Floyd Camembert Reports

The Tootie Heath - Ben Street - Ethan Iverson trio from Tootie's Tempo will be doing a little East Coast run at the end of the month:

Jan 28 The Falcon (Marlboro NY)

29 Smalls (NYC)

30 Smalls (NYC)

31 Bohemian Caverns (DC)

Feb 1 Ars Nova (Philly)

As it turns out, it seems like Tootie will be in town the previous weekend, so if someone else has a gig within driving distance, reach out (like on Twitter). 


TBP goes to Jazz at the Bistro this coming week and records next all-originals album the week after. 

Official press comment about TBP on Sony Masterworks and forthcoming Rite of Spring release

Pamela Espeland interviewed me about Stravinsky, Sony, and other stuff.

Nice Current blog review of RoS at the Dakota by Andrea Swensson.


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