The True and the Contrary

Josh Sinton has a terrific band, Ideal Bread, dedicated to Steve Lacy repertoire. They don't play Lacy straight, they make it their own. 

Currently there is a Kickstarter for their next record on Cuneiform.

On topic, there's a new DTM guest post by Josh Sinton: Steve Lacy, Frederic Rzewski, and Irene Aebi: Doubt Has a Melody of Its Own.

I'm glad someone is finally explaining these records to me! I'm very impressed by Josh's decoding of this initially obdurate music.


Time to take a little summer break from DTM and Twitter. I'll be back around August 22, when the BHQ gets into Birdland.

Next "masterclass" is August 13, details under "Upcoming." 

The response to Costumes Are Mandatory has been really nice so far; everyone seems to "get it." I've set up a DTM page with reviews and session photos, and will do the same for Tootie's Tempo when I return.


Need an easy romantic piano piece for your Whedonesque TV show or movie? In the wake of my Talkhouse essay one just fell out of me. Recorded on my iPhone. 




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