Live in Downtown Brooklyn: Beethoven's Op. 67

Beethoven 5

Next Monday night! January 21 at 7 PM Matthew Guerrieri and I will read through not just The First Four Notes but the whole darn symphony at my studio. There are several four-hand transcriptions; we are using Xavier Scharwenka's because, according to Matthew, it is the loudest.

Matthew will also read a little from his book and there will be an enjoyable beverage. The event is free. Directions:

70 Willoughby Street (between Lawrence St. and Bridge St.) in downtown Brooklyn. When you are on my block, you will see a Petland store and a fish market. In between them is a doorway that has a purple awning above it that says "Fatou" beauty salon and the street number 70. This is the door to my building. Our studio is #2A. Go up one flight of stairs, and then follow the signs on your left for "The Drawing Room." There are subways everywhere to this easy location, the very closest stop is "Jay St./Metrotech" on the R. 

The following day at noon, I'll join Matthew for just the first movement at the 92st Y Tribeca for a more official book-release event.


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