Birthdays. Concerts. New Studio Needed! and Hiatus.


(Minnow, the intermission pianist at Smalls.)

Today is the centennial of Witold Lutosławski, the modernist master who found a way to combine the aletoric and the theatric within the large symphony orchestra. Alex Ross says the 3rd Symphony should be “a modern warhorse.” An early movement that has meant a lot to me is the Passacaglia of the non-aletoric Concerto for Orchestra, where a tiny, stiff, stuttering bass line in low D major walks its way to the top surrounded by the most astonishing effects. I also love the Piano Concerto: the dedicatee Krystian Zimerman's performance is almost as amazing as the work itself.

Tomorrow is the birthday of my piano teacher Sophia Rosoff, who is seven years shy of her centennial. I’ll be escorting my white witch to Marc-André Hamelin’s recital next Wednesday...

...and on February 27, my Abby Whiteside series recital at Weill Hall will have a couple of of classical pieces at Sophia's special request: Stravinsky’s Serenade in A and Louise Talma’s Alleluia in Form of Toccata. Talma was Sophia's counterpoint teacher at Hunter College; when I first played it at a lesson, she hadn’t heard it since encouraging Ray Lev to play it at Carnegie Hall in 1945.

The remainder of the program will be original pieces and jazz standards. If you enjoy DTM, please support this series, as the Whiteside foundation loses money unless the houses are reasonably full. Since I'm turning 40 on February 11, I have vague plans to have a party after my recital. Stay tuned.


We need a new studio! As of March 1, “The Drawing Room,” the informal rehearsal space where I sublet from Mike Kanan and Stephanie Greig, will be closed. If anyone knows of a suitable replacement rental in Brooklyn, email me at ethan.teaches (at) geemail or hit me up on Twitter. The main thing is that we have to be able to practice without neighbor problems.


TBP on tour:

20 Columbia, MO -- Blue Note Club
31 Detroit, MI -- Cliff Bell's

01 Appleton, WI -- Laurence Memorial Chapel
02 Pittsburgh, PA -- Manchester Craftsmans Guild
13 Amherst, MA -- Amherst College **
14 Amherst, MA -- Amherst College **
15 Boston, MA -- ICA Theater **
16 Burlington, VT -- Flynn Theater **
17 Portland, ME -- Hannaford Hall & TBD **


01 Omaha, NE -- Holland Performing Arts Center **
02 Iowa City, IA -- The Mill Restaurant and Club
03 Madison, WI -- The Sett, University of Wisconsin - Madison
06 Toronto, CAN -- Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre

[** The Bad Plus performs “On Sacred Ground: Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring”]


I'm in the Chris Potter quartet at the Vanguard Feb. 5-10 with Larry Grenadier and either Adam Cruz (Tuesday and Sunday) or Eric Harland (Wednesday - Saturday). The repertoire is from the new ECM album Sirens (I'm subbing for not just Taborn or Virelles but both of them together, wish me luck) plus some of Chris's other music. I've spent a bit of time already on "Ask Me Why," a tune in seven that I thought was unplayable until Chris told me it was sort of like a Benny Golson tune. Ah! Something makes sense now.

And speaking of which, happy birthday, Benny Golson! I'm going to try to make it to Golson gig at a new venue in Harlem next month. Feb. 21-23 at Ginny's Supper Club.


Oonaballona had nice things to say about Soho and I and Op. 67.

Paul Devlin writes about Duke Ellington's tribute to Martin Luther King.

50 years of Parker! Nice new webpage from the official publisher. Trent Reynolds really didn't like the movie, though, so I'm probably going to give it a miss. 

Skilled jazz critic Fred Kaplan has a new book out about David Petraeus and modern warfare; there's a rave review in the Times.


DTM is going to take about three weeks off; my twitter feed will probably keep going at a reduced rate. I will return with an interview with George Cables. As always, thanks for listening, thanks for reading.


(Minnow in the dressing room before the first set with Newsome, Berne, Cyrille yesterday. She knows there's an hour to go before she's on, and is frankly a little worried about the quartet's modernist direction.)


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