McCoy, McCoy, McCoy, McCoy

Charles Rosen coverage coming; free masterclass tonight. In the interim:


It's Tyner's birthday today. I transcribed a bunch of him this past summer, but lost most of it in a computer crash. However, "Good Bait" survived in PDF form in my "sent mail" folder. (If anyone wants to re-enter it in Finale and edit, please do!)

I took this down in a van and never checked anything at the piano, so the transcription is hardly perfect. However, the piano playing is indeed, perfect.

It's fashionable in certain circles to claim that Herbie and perhaps even Chick are greater than McCoy. Some would argue that the later pianists have more sophistication. I don't agree! McCoy is the first and the purest of the triumvirate. He is underrated partly because Herbie and Chick are easier to imitiate. 

Bootleg at the Showboat in 1963 with Coltrane, Garrison, and Jones. (Liner notes say Roy Haynes but it is clearly Elvin.)

McCoy Good Bait 1

McCoy Good Bait 2

McCoy Good Bait 3

McCoy Tyner on %22Good Bait%22


(Solipsism warning.) I just belatedly learned that Nate Chinen tweeted an amusing Newport 2009 photo after Dave Brubeck's death.


This made me dig out something similar at a McCoy Tyner soundcheck at the Barbican in 2006, taken in the dark by James Diers.


If I ever get a book together, it will be too bad that I don't have one of these for everybody I write about! Kind of a "Where's Waldo?" thing...


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