Floyd Camembert Reports

Tour with BHQ going well, and continuing:

14-nove WIEN
15-nove MÜNCHEN
19-nove PARIS
20-nove PARIS
21-nove REIMS
22-nove GENT


I was lucky enough to score an advance copy of The First Four Notes. I told the author, "It's like an especially great episode of Connections.  I especially enjoyed the first chapter, the decoding of HOWARD'S END, the Afro-American stuff, and the Adorno conclusion." Soho has also set up a new website especially about "Da da da dum." The rumor that MG and I will read through a four-hands version of the first movement early next year in NYC is almost certainly true.

Please read Alex Ross brilliant history of gay rights in The New Yorker, "Love on the March." The link on his blog has a famous poster, Silence = Death, which made me want to listen again to Don Pullen's album New Beginnings, where I first heard Pullen's classic composition of the same name. There's an extraordinary bootleg series of Pullen on YouTube, including "Silence = Death." Pullen's swinging II/V lines over gentle chords are just as great as the later aggressive cascades...


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