The Plaid Bus

We had a nice time in Bozeman. Among other things, we made three new friends, bassist Sean Lehmann, drummer Aaron Rasmussen, and pianist/organist Chris Cundy.


They are three diverse professionals, playing all over Montana in all kinds of bands. But for a minute they were in a cover band together, "The Plaid Bus," which dealt with TBP repertoire.

It was an honor to hear them reunite and rock through "Never Stop," "Everywhere You Turn," "Tom Sawyer," and "And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation" tonight at Haufbrau. To close the set, Reid and I sat in with Aaron to play "Anthem For the Earnest."

Yesterday Sean played "Observation" with Dave and me at soundcheck, then today cooked us a gourmet meal (sweet potato gnocchi) before Haufbrau. Man! When am I moving to Bozeman?





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