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I'm sorry to learn that Jason Crane's The Jazz Session is closing shop. I can only imagine how hard running a gig like that is. Over 400 podcasts, that's impressive!

Jason once asked me to participate, but I refused, saying I was worried about being overexposed on the internet.  I didn't link to him very often, either, because I rarely listen to podcasts. But perhaps in the future I will find a Jazz Session that proves invaluable to my research.

Another modern resource I've rarely linked to is NextBop, even though that site has been wonderfully supportive of TBP. I guess in general I'm not a big listener of the newest artists. Reid and Dave and I are seeking to be fresh ourselves: I can't speak for my co-leaders, but ignoring my peers and those coming up is one of my best things. It's almost like I don't wanted to be influenced by the moment. (Where is my Lester Young Mp3 solo folder again?)

Also, anyone in this social media business knows that handing out praise and blame to peers can get tricky really fast. No one treats me like a walking record reviewer, and I'm sure that's because everyone accepts that I only cover my close friends and inspirations on DTM. 

But I just looked at the clock and realized I've been blogging exactly seven years. To celebrate, I thought I'd ask Anthony Dean-Harris for a selection of significant NextBop posts. 

Ari Honeig and Gilad Hekelsman interviewed by Kassel

Aaron Parks interviewed by Kassel

Payton/BAM refuted by Wertheim 

Angelika Beener talks modern jazz "standards"

A rave of Christian Scott by Antunes

BadBadNotGood defended by Dean-Harris

Ten Gateway albums by Brown

The first Dean-Harris piece

Kassa Overall by Dean-Harris

Stand up for jazz  by Dean-Harris

GChat with Vijay Iyer by Dean-Harris

"We Are What We See Everyday" by Dean-Harris

I'm not in full agreement with everything here, of course. (Serious DTM readers will know which post I really don't see eye to eye with. Hint: It's in the wrong key, for starters.) But I appreciate how Anthony and Co. are working on making this music relevant for everybody. If they do Kickstarter a SXSW party, I will kick in.



Look at this nice poster assembled from clip art by Mike Webster of Motorco Music Hall! Our Durham friend Ben Hill spotted this on the club wall and immediately got Webster's unprompted reference. Bill Hickman, the stuntman who inspired TBP song "Bill Hickman At Home," drove a Charger in Bullitt.

New album Made Possible comes out next week. Tour:

20 Knoxville, TN -- Bijou Theatre
21 Durham, NC -- Motorco Music Hall
22 Durham, NC -- Motorco Music Hall
23 Washington, DC -- The Hamilton
25 New York, NY -- Mercury Lounge
26 Brooklyn, NY -- Music Hall of Williamsburg
28 Philadelphia, PA -- Chris' Jazz Cafe
29 Philadelphia, PA -- Chris' Jazz Cafe

The Williamsburg gig is our first in Brooklyn. Earlier in the bill that night are two significant modern jazz groups, the Chris Morrissey quartet with Mark Guiliana, Ben Wendel, and Aaron Parks, followed by Rafiq Bhatia and his ensemble. 

In case you missed it, the EPK for Made Possible filmed and edited by Noah Hutton is here.

More soon. 


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