Congratulations to Competition Drummers

After all my gloom and doom here on DTM, I admit I kinda wanted to be there yesterday and tonight to check out the cats. 

I'm certain there was fierce talent onstage both days. The winner, Jamison Ross, is a new name to me but I'll be listening to him soon. Just to be extra clear: all my ranting never meant to take away from the abilities of those who are competition winners! And I absolutely wish Mr. Ross the very best.

As for the other contestants: I hope no one who didn't win or place is discouraged from pursuing weird and exciting music. As I wrote in the beginning, "We need charismatic and idionsycratic drummers for the music to move forward. All the most innovative and most popular jazz is deeply connected to the drums."  


Over at ABS, Michael J. West talks to five winners and semi-finalists.



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