Floyd Camembert Reports

Kyle Gann on Dragana Stojanovic-Novicic's threading of Carter and Nancarrow.  Gann has long been one of the most important music bloggers, and he has finally anthologized some of his best posts on his website

Alex Ross on the graves of composers.  Alex also mentioned the 100th birthday of Bernard Hermann and linked to an earlier, valuable essay on Vertigo.   I agree with popular consensus; Vertigo is the greatest movie score. (Kind of an easy call, really.)

To honor the passing of Peter Falk I watched Columbo:  Death Lends A Hand streaming on Netflix.  What a thrilling piece of Americana.  Robert Culp is fabulous -- his scenes one on one with Falk are remarkably intense for television.  Gil Mellé did the terrific score, and one the highlights is on YouTube.  Great drumming -- Shelly Manne?  Almost sounds like Billy Higgins, but I don't think Higgins was in the studio much.

Destination: OUT! -- 5 years old! -- keeps offering new and exciting material.  The last couple weeks have been a blitzkrieg over there... 

Willard Jenkins interviews Dickie Habersham-Bey, the owner of Blue Coronet.

Ted Panken talked to Vernell Fournier.


DTM is off the rest of this week. 


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